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The idea of writing the e-encyclopedia 

Desi, Creator of “The Secret of Makeup”, makeup artist 

29 May, 2021

The Idea of writing the e-encyclopedia 

In this article, we will tell you how the idea for writing the book “The Secret of Makeup” encyclopedia was born.

As we said in the previous article, me (Desi) and Albena worked for many years for big makeup brands. Over time, we have gained serious experience in working with both cosmetics and customers. Our clients were different ladies – young, old, with different needs, tastes, and preferences. It was a real pleasure to find the right products for each lady while meeting her expectations.

albena 2

Albena on makeup session

Photograph by Albena and Desi

Working with clients has always been a pleasure for us. It was she who helped us to enrich and improve as specialists. It also encouraged us to keep reading about new products and technologies, as well as trying out new makeup techniques.

After years of gathering observations and impressions, we have a clear idea that ladies need very little information to feel confident in the creation of their makeup.

We were very impressed by how the ladies kept asking the same questions, such as:


  • How do I know what skin type I have?
  • How to choose the best cosmetics for me?
  • How to apply eyeliner?
  • How to hide dark circles under my eyes?
  • What color lipstick will suit me?
  • Where exactly should I apply my blush?”

“I’ve always wanted to wear a winged eyeliner, but I do not know how to apply it and make it look nice!”

Once we talked with Albena about how we have all this knowledge and despite the daily work with clients, we continue to receive similar questions. We joked that we were like an “Encyclopedia of Makeup”. Shortly after the joke, we looked at each other and almost simultaneously said to each other “Well, yes! We have to write such an encyclopedia!”.

In 2015, we started taking notes and formatting the content of our book. We were extremely excited. It led us to think that it was by writing such a book that we would be able to pass on our knowledge to many more ladies around the world.


Desi on DM Beauty Academy 

Photo by Desi and Albena

Regarding the content of the book, we had almost no hesitation or disagreement. We believed that we should collect and organize the information, starting with the consideration of the different types of products, their purpose, as well as the techniques for applying the product. We also included many examples from our practice and interesting facts.

The very writing of the content and its graphic design took several years of hard and even round-the-clock work. Fortunately, all these years, until we finished the encyclopedia, we did not give up even for a moment.