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E-Book 1: Skin Structure | The Secret of Makeup Encyclopedia

Knowing the structure of the skin is essential for maintaining its good health and beautiful appearance. The e-book covers in detail all the layers of the skin, their function, all skin types, and their specifics.

E-Book 2: Skin Care | The Secret of Makeup Encyclopedia

Proper skin care is the basis for creating beautiful and long-lasting makeup. The e-book discusses all the basic steps for keeping the skin fresh and healthy, as well as the purpose of cosmetic products, according to each skin type.

E-Book 3: Brushes and Makeup Accessories | The Secret of Makeup Encyclopedia

Makeup brushes and accessories makes it easier to apply makeup and can make it much more natural and long-lasting.

The Secret Of Makeup series

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Our next e-book is "Book 5. BB Cream". Learn all about this multifunctional product.

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