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E-Book 5: BB Cream

The Secret of Makeup Encyclopedia

Main topics in the book:
  • all types of BB Creams
  • all makeup tools you can use to apply your BB Cream
  • how to choose the right shade and formula
  • how to apply your BB Creams
  • benefits of BB Creams
  • is BB Cream better than Foundation

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Book 4. Foundation cover
Untitled 1

I am extremely impressed with how the two make-up artists explain the make-up techniques so that I can understand them and apply them. Thanks!


– Nevi

I am already over 30 and finally i've learned how to understand the needs of my skin. Thank you girls, you are wonderful!


– Dani

The makeup seminar was great! I learned many useful things. I can't wait to read all the books!


– Mariya

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