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E-Book 1: Skin Structure

The Secret of Makeup Encyclopedia

Main topics in the book:

  • Layers of the skin
  • What type of skin do you have
  • How to understand its needs
  • Skin types
  • What affects the skin
  • Skin type test


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Book 1 Cover

Beautiful skin is not just a gene or luck – it is the result of the care we take for it. If we know her needs well, we will find the best way to keep her beautiful and healthy.

Chapter 1

Human skin consists of three main layers – epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis.

The thickness of the skin can be different in different parts of the body – it is thinnest in the eye area (especially the eyelids) and is thicker in areas such as the feet, arms, elbows, and knees.

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e-book 1: skin structure Overview & Preview

4 Chapters

46 Pages

Knowing the structure of the skin is essential for maintaining its good health and beautiful appearance. The e-book covers in detail all the layers of the skin, their function, all skin types, and their specifics.

The book also contains a test to determine the type of skin. The answers from the test will help you determine the type of your skin, which is essential for meeting its needs. This applies to both skin care products and the right choice of textures for makeup products. The test contains 9 questions with 4 possible answers.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What characterizes each skin type?
  • What skin type do you have?
  • What affects the needs of the skin?
  • How to know the needs of your skin?

By reading this book you will know your skin’s needs better. By using the right products for it, each skin routine in the morning or at night will become a real spa ritual for you.

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I am extremely impressed with how the two make-up artists explain the make-up techniques so that I can understand them and apply them. Thanks!


– Nevi

I am already over 30 and finally i've learned how to understand the needs of my skin. Thank you girls, you are wonderful!


– Dani

The makeup seminar was great! I learned many useful things. I can't wait to read all the books!



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